Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just a Small Tease

I heard about it on the train . . .
Midget dancers at the strip club.

As soon as I heard it, my mind just boggled. At first, I couldn't think in complete thoughts.
"Wha.... "You mean.... "It can't just...."

Then my first complete thought, "I MUST GO!"

You must know by now that a strip club is not my cup of tea. Especially one that caters to straight men. Anyhoo, I wasn't going to go for the boobies or the wahoos.

Need reasons to go?

Reason 1) I've never been to a 'gentlemen's club.' I'm all for experiential living. There are some opportunities one should just not let pass by. If you get the chance,
  • Sky dive
  • Bungee jump
  • Ride the elephant
  • Go to a strip club to see diminutive dancers
Reason 2) Cocktail party conversation, which can be delivered in oh, so many ways.

  • Taunting - "Guess what I did last Friday."
  • Dropping smart bombs - "Oh yes, they have that kind of pool table at the strip club and . . ." "Wait, what were you doing at a strip club?"
  • Blurting out - "OH MY GAWD ! I JUST SAW . . ."

So now you know what I did last Friday, but you don't have an account of the evening. This is just a small teaser of an evening that is still burned into my mind's eye.

Be patient, my pretties, I will write about it soon.


Anonymous said...

Patience is not my forte however I appreciate the teaser and look for to the scintillating tale.

sister chaos said...

I'm reading top to bottom, wondering what our dear Poison Ivy is doing at a strip club? Then I come to this entry--dancing midgets! Of course, what else? I'd pay to see that, too and I might just let the Mr. come along, too! ;o)

Just-Chuck said...

I promise, I'll get to the rest of the evening.

Be patient my pets.