Monday, August 11, 2008

Killer Bunnies Board

It's just a card game. Really.

The girls turned us on to it.

The goals are :

1) Get a carrot and

2) Have at least one bunny alive at the end of the game.

Once all the booster packs are acquired, you have an 11.5 inch stack of cards a bunch of dice, pawns, stuff, detritus, and other stuff.

Playing the game gets spread all over a table and there's no set spot for draw, discard, dead bunnies, used weapons, money, cabbage, etc.... so. While others are devising a carrying case, (which was pretty cool) I devised a board...

The black box in the middle is modeled after the Minilith (Bunny geeks would understand). It's about a foot tall and holds all of the cards. It's removable from the board center for easy carrying. And can lay on it's side on the board with a lid over the whole board, hat box sized.

The lid for the minilith, (pictured unpainted below), also doubles as a cribbage-style peg board on the inside for keeping track of which player killed the most bunnies. That's not really part of the game, but we're morbid that way.

This area is fashioned after the Carrot Top Casino (Bunny Geeks would also know this joint), and it's where the dice and detritus sit until needed.

There's a spot for everything I could think of . . .the Carrot/Zodiac/Mysterious Place cards are in the chest on the bank side under the starter cards. And the toxic compost pile for used cabbage/water/defense cards is on the other side.

The whole thing is on a lazy susan. I have more painting to do - like scared worshipping bunnies near the minilith, zombie bunnies in the dead bunny spot, etc. - and may hand it off to the girls to paint while I'm in school.

And here it is in play, featuring a great friend of mine.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Fan Mail

I just got a great e-mail from Z in New York. He's a borderline online stalker. (Just kidding.)

He stumbled across my blog a while back, internet surfing for some song lyrics and hit upon my page.

He wrote to me to tell me that he found and read and thoroughly enjoyed it. The craziness, the friends, the hobbies, the fun.

(I'm blushing now.)

Here's why I bring it up...(aside from giving a shout out to Z. HEY!)

I've mentioned it before, and perhaps because we're close to my self-reflection time of the year, it is near the front of my mind.

People are watching.

Not in a sick paranoia kind of way, but people see how you act and what you do. People you know and people you don't know. Your words and deeds travel far and take a bastard life beyond your casual conversations.

What kind of life are you creating?

If your words and deeds are biting and vicious - how do they change or taint others who witness them? Will it encourage them to be kind and good or provide justification for their own biting, vicious deeds?

If one - who is already inundated with bad news on the television and in newspapers - sees only ickiness, what encouragement is there for goodness?

I know, I know, my Blog is an intentional public venue.

However, and here's my thought,

your overheard words and observed deeds are also in the public domain.

How are you changing the world?