Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pump-Kin Festering

Take a look at each of the items in the picture (except for the sweatshirt).

These little treasures are things that we picked up at the Crap . . . I mean CRAFT Festival last weekend.

Pumpkinfest is an annual Mayberry-like event in a small town in Pennsylvania.

The girls and the girly boys went there last weekend for a relaxing weekend at a lakehouse doing NOTHING.

I left most of my schoolwork at home, bringing only a novel (required reading for a class) and my knitting. We played cards, drank a little, ate a lot of junk food, enjoyed each other's company and had just a calm do-nothing weekend away from everything.

I got turned on to a Killer Bunnies game - which is a lot of fun.

Anyhoo, one of the attractions at the small town festival is the Crap Festival. We descended upon the small town and scattered, each Pumpkinfestering their own way, with one specific goal in mind:

Spending no more than $2, buy the crappiest piece of crap you can find at the fair. We then bring all our treasures back to the lakehouse and have an objective judge (who doesn't know who bought what) rate them from Best to Absolute Crap.

The one who purchased the Absolute Crap piece wins all the other pieces.


Last year - a cut out picture, about 1" X 1.5", which looked to have been generated by a color printer won. (It beat out the package of broken crackers - which also helped to establish the 'no food' rule.)

The year before, it was electronic belly button jewelry that won.

Click on the picture for a close up of all the items and see if you can pick the creme de la crap!

(Important for you consideration: On the back of the very patriotic, heart-shaped candle is a prominant "Made in China" sticker.)

You know, you make your own fun. AND, if anyone from that sleepy little town finds objection in our exercise, think of it this way....

This does sort of display us as snooty city folk, but oh well . . . We paid for it - so your crap brought in some dough, which was your intention. And, although there was a LOT of crappy crap, there were also a lot of good things too.


Anonymous said...

OHMIGOSH! What on earth is the brown thingy with white goo on it? I get everything else but that! SWL! I can't believe someone came up with the idea to put a straw in a baggie and call it a belly button dryer! What a riot!

Miss you much! Hope to see you and your hubby at The Pub on the 18th! ~M~

Anonymous said...

brown thingy with goo on it looks like a chocolate flavored chapstick with a santa face decore made into a fancy pin. AWESOME!!!
c ya around