Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Save Dora !

How to raise tuition for college.

The order in which we would eat our pets if we run low on funds because of college.*

(II) (These ideas were inspired by my train friends.)

1) $100 dollars for every time I answer a commuter's wife with "I don't know." when she asks about your TR (Train Romance).
2) $30 dollars and I won't 'act straight' and charming when there's a new girl on the train.
3) Sell individual beers to train riders for a profit.**
4) $40 dollars and I'll promise not to do the open-mouth-insert-beer-bottle trick that makes the straight guys nervous.***

$500 and I'll cut my hair.

$100 and I'll wear to work the ugliest sweater (that I'm knitting right now) for a whole week. - This offer has been withdrawn. First I'd have to finish the damn thing.

$40 + Materials and I'll knit you a scarf or a hat.

$50 and I'll retract my statement on this jacket/dress ensemble

(*We would certainly NOT eat our pets.)
(** Probably illegal, so I wouldn't do it.)
(*** Another $40 would eliminate the beer CAN option.)

1 comment:

sister chaos said...

Alright, alright, save the pets!

Hell, if I can give a gal $30 toward surgery for her dog, I think you merit at least $50. Ok, maybe more, but I'm broke.

Just don't eat the fur babies!