Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Report Card

Straight A's ! ! ! !

However, since I can't do ANYTHING straight, um, a lovely row of A's.

I'm absolutely thrilled! Nothing was really written in stone, so I had to sit and fret until the final grades were posted (today).

Now, where are all the rich relatives who send me large bills for each A?
(I'm not afraid to beg. Click on PayPal and send dough to poizniv@gmail.com !)

Hmmmmm? Because this school thing (and that taxes thing) has REALLY taken a toll on our finances. (The pets are getting a little edgy when we flip through the pet recipe book.) And the tip jar at work seems to be broken.

(Remember Save Dora?)

No, we won't eat the pets.

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance.

Now I'm going to go work in the yard and sunshine. What a great day.
Fiddle dee dee we'll worry about finances tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jerry Rhoads said...

Dude you rock! I did everything I could for 3 A- and 1 B. Still at the VFW?