Friday, October 17, 2008

The End of Summer

I know, we're already well into Fall, but Samhain is fast approaching and that means "summer's end."

I feel better today than I have in quite a while and I don't know if I'm simply in denial of all that needs to be done or if I'm actually in a good place.

I slept in this morning, much to the dismay of Blue (the cat), and I'm sure to the annoyance of my husband. (Just how many times CAN one push the snooze alarm?)

I did eventually get up, let the dogs (and cat) out, set the coffee maker brewing, showered, and sipped coffee. I got my schoolbooks together and headed out the door about 30 minutes later than usual.

I drove to campus and watched the sky lighten up in the east and daydreamed a little about a future art project.

I really didn't feel pressed for time or effort this morning.

I do believe I'm working in an ignorance as bliss sort of mode right now. I don't KNOW of anything that is due immediately for any of my classes because I've not looked at my syllabus since turning in all the stuff that was due this week.

Ahhhhhhh. (Contented sigh.)

I will take all of my folders to work with me tonight and plot out on the lap top all that is due and when it is due for the rest of the semester and try to get a little ahead here and there.

Just to share with anyone who happens to visit...

Finances: all the month's bills are in the mail, gas tank's full.
School: whatever was due is turned in. Midterms are over.
Home: it's a little messy, but comfortably so.
Heart: he loves me and I love him.
Friends: wonderfully patient and looking forward to spending time with them

8-Ball Outlook? Good.

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