Monday, December 15, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

Winter semester of Shepherd is finally done. My last exam was Thursday. Whew. Now I just sit and wait for the final grades to be posted.

I'm hopeful but not confident. So no fretting, because it's not productive.

Speaking of not productive.

I worked Friday and Saturday, so yesterday was my first day of unscheduled bliss.

For six hours straight I played Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter. Two games in six hours. I won the first one and Captain Nerdulon won the second.

Captain Nerdulon is Rick. We have assigned this name because we feel like such geeks when we argue the finer points of play. Imagine the white tape on our glasses that we push up constantly with one finger while we make awkward snorting sounds and say something like "The Beyea aliens are locked onto your ship. Until it's destroyed you can't launch another ship into space. You should use your long-range transporter to transfer your bunnies and markers to the armor-plated ship that has a die power of ten as soon as it comes into a direct line of sight. Now let's move the planets."

That was yesterday. After Captain Nerdulon left, I sat down to knit some more. I couldn't hold out. I started a new project on Thursday and have been neglecting the older projects that are still on needles.

I work again tonight, so I'm torn between raking the yard, cleaning house, and sitting on my but knitting. Oh, and I have a book I could read.

This four week break is going to go by so quickly.

On the needles...

Bobbie Jo's scarf (need to add fringe)
Mandy's scarf (need to knit about 2/3s more)
Doubleknit project of mine.
Socks for Sarah. (only one 2/3s done)
SOMETHING for Cat. She's been begging me to knit her something and I was eager to start a new project. I think it's really neat, and not my colors at all.

Okay so my list of things to do in four weeks (school starts again four weeks from today).

Finish those five knitting projects.
Start and finish a knitting project for ME!
Clean up the yard.
Go for a walk.
Clean the hell out of the house.
Declutter, putting everything in its place.
Rearrange the furniture.
Finish that book.
Buy my Spring semester books.
Catch up with the girls.
Watch movies.
Juggle my credit card bills.
Plan the circular garden at the cottage.
Sort my yarn stash.
Maybe find a letterbox.
Pull together my teacher portfolio.
Get acquainted with the PRAXIS II tests.
Refine my online personas.

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