Saturday, December 26, 2009

Okay, Something's Gotta Give

I have been living on the edge.

Three weeks of no school and no running commentary in my brain of what's due next or what must be read or written or filled out. It's been bliss.

I've been rediscovering the Chuck of 3 years ago--the Chuck that has lots of interesting things to do. I pulled out old projects, old hobbies, old books and covered the dining room table. The coffee table. The buffet, the guest room bed.

I look at all these things and think, "what will I do today?" It's overwhelming. It's amazing. It's wonderous. It's fractured. It's scary. I love it.

Being a Gemini, I'm going to have a conversation with myself this week. The other side of my personality is saying "There's just too much. Something's gotta give."

I'm going to have a serious conversation with myself.

"Yes, all of this other stuff is fun, but you have responsibilities as well. Wouldn't it be nice to see the floor? Wouldn't it be nice if the bedroom didn't smell like three dogs, two bears, and a cat? What about the litter that's blown into the side yard? How about putting up some cedar shakes at the cottage, marking the driveway, or clearing out the scrap wood? And when was the last time you poop scooped the dog run?"

Okay, okay, okay. Let's make some lists. Let's make some exhaustive lists. You like lists. We can split them up. Some for me and some for you. But let's not get strict about it.

"Well, if we're not strict about it, how can we be sure to balance fun with responsible?"

Do we have to?

"I think we should. In fact, we should probably be even MORE responsible."

But I've BEEN responsible. I got all A's. I worked hard, I wrote a lot and read a lot and put up with a lot. Why can't I just watch movies, knit, read, and nap?

"You've been doing that for three weeks. AND you have to get a job. I'll give you until 2010. January 1st we start ticking things off of MY list."

I won't like it.

"Yes I will."

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DJ said...

You're not organic. You need some kind of structure. I recall some appeals you made in Appalachian Culture.

I'm sorry I've abandoned you. Unfortunately, my day is a 7 a.m. drive with a 9 p.m. pass out time.

I haven't written anything meaningful in the last two years. Mostly, just a bunch of "TTYL", "LOL", and "G2G".

I have started a semblance of a blog to satisfy my creative itch.

I grew a beard.