Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm listing things in my journal that I like to do.
I swear I'm ADD, because there is such an eclectic list and when I pack my "activity bag" for the day, there's far too much in it than I could ever get to.

I pack my bag for work, in case it's a slow day, and the things I have in there are often knitting, laptop for writing/blogging/playing games, my herbalism book and journal, tarot cards, and much more.

So at work, the laptop is open to a video game, the journal is on the counter, the knitting is on the corner and I hop from task to task to task, never actually making a dent in anything.

I'm at a point now (similar to last December) where I must pare down my activities to a more organized focus. Can I do it? Right now I've got the blog open in front of me, the journal beside me, knitting and tarot behind me and a yard full of landscaping outside waiting for me. When will I get to meditation, bills, and crafts?

I hate to create an activity schedule for myself, but I think that's what it's leading toward.

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