Thursday, May 24, 2007

From Fox 5 to Prohibition

Okay, here's the deal. Just pay attention to what people say. Don't let yourself be moved to any kneejerk responses. THINK MAN! Think for yourself.

Which sounds better? Advocate or Activist? An advocate for abortion is an activist to anti-abortionists. Even the name "Pro-Life" lends you believe that people who believe otherwise must be Pro-Death. PETA is an advocate to animal lovers and an activist to furriers (who aren't animal haters).

Politicians, News Writers, Preachers, Car Salesmen, Actors -- it's their job to get you to believe and agree with them. Their words will paint a picture and evoke a response in you.

Now, can anyone tell me the difference between the afternoon shock shows (i.e., Springer) and Fox 5 News?

Fox 5 Investigates did an expose of commuters drinking on the MARC Train.

Using a long list of alarmist phrases they attempted to move the viewer to believe that drinking alcohol on the train must be stopped. Take a look:

-. . .commuters boozing it up. . .
-A scene so troubling it's got lawmakers calling for changes right now.
-"wastin' away again in Margaritaville."
-All aboard this Margaritaville express.
-A free flowing happy hour on the rails. . .
-The rush hour drinking fest even more widespread than FOX5 first exposed last year.
-. . .full party mode. . ..
-. . .doublefisting the booze. . .
-. . .a bizarre Maryland state law which allows eating and drinking --even alcohol -- on the MARC trains.

In the first few seconds of the 'report' they try to create in the viewer an emotional response: terrible ongoing problem, bad drinking, danger.

The law that allows alcohol on the train is not bizarre and drinking on the train is not a troubling scene. What is troubling are people who drink, then drive.

We can all agree, I'm sure, that drinking and driving is a danger to everyone, but what kind of a news report does that make?

"This just in, drinkin' and drivin' is bad, mmmkay? Back to you Maureen."
"Thank you, Bob. VERY informative."

Nope. Not going to sell advertising space, is it?
Let's dress it up and make it marketable.
First, let's call it an expose.
Hmm, needs more alarming phrases.
Which sounds worse? 'Drinking' or 'Boozing it up?'
Add some hippy drinking music! Everyone hates hippies!
Now, add some grainy, concealed camera footage.
No, I'm still not alarmed enough
Okay, blur out some faces and YES! That's perfect.
My, how seedy and underhanded that looks.

Okay, this just in to JUST CHUCK'S BLOG

Shock Jock Fox is seeking prohibition of drinking on the train, If this unending war on your personal freedoms is successful, how long before Fox attacks family owned neighborhood restaurants that serve alcohol? Then how long before Fox supports statewide Prohibition?

Then...obviously...witch hunts.



Anonymous said...

I hate FOX!!! Well if we die, atleast we won't go to hell! Yes, Fallwell has banned the MARC train drinkers from Hell!!

Lady Prisspott said...

You said a news writers job was to get you to agree with them. This is not true and it's unfair to accuse all news writers of being disingenuous. Professional journalists are supposed to be impartial. Most professional journalism organizations have a statement on their code of ethics similar to the following (from the Society of Professional Journalists); "Journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public's right to know." It is only unethical journalists who blur this line.

Lady Prisspott said...

And another thing. If a majority of Americans were capable of thinking critically Fox News wouldn't exist...

Just-Chuck said...

Are you saying, if it's on the news, it's generally an unbiased relation of fact?

Okay, I'll agree with you. Not all news reports are written to convince - many are to inform.

Perhaps I should have said that Fox News seems to be offering a slanted and sensationalized version of the facts to elicit a specific response, boost viewership and to sell advertising space.

"Papa says, 'If it's in the Sun, it's so."

And the Sun told us there is a Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

There *IS* a Santa Claus. There is, there is, there is!!!


Silent Doug said...

The New York Times reported today that the Metro-North commuter railroad is not going to ban alcohol on its trains in the face of overwhelming resistance from the army of white collar indulgers:
Commuters’ Cocktail Hour Likely to Keep Rolling