Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary !

Three years ago there was a great hue and cry for defense of the sanctity of marriage. From what did it need defending?

Three years ago today, I stood in line at the town hall to apply for a marriage license. After a three day waiting period Mike and I were married.

So tell me -- Please, PLEASE tell me . . . in the three years that I have been living in blissful (but unrecognized) domesticity - almost paying bills, filing taxes, cleaning up cat vomit and dog poo, doing laundry, killing plants and making our house a home (just like you), PLEASE tell me -- how has the sanctity of your marriages been compromised by our marriage?

And what the hell IS the 'sanctity' of marriage ANYWAY?

I'll tell you what it is. 'Defending the sanctity of marriage' is a turn of phrase that strikes an automatic emotional chord. So, without thinking, your brain clicks:

"Sanctity" is a good word, yes, yes, yes. Clear, pure, gooooood.
"Marriage" is a good word, yes, yes, yes. Love, commitment, gooooood.
"Defend" is a good word, yes, yes, yes. Keep safe, goooooood.

But how many stop to think about it?

What is threatening the sanctity of marriage?
Obviously, it's the gays! (Confident exasperation)
But, wait, how are they a threat?
Because they want to get married! (Rolled eyes)
Again that's a threat, how?
Uh . . . well, my religion says . . .(Self righteously)
Wait. Your religion is not a basis for laws.
Well, then. Marriage is for procreation. (Smug smile)
Explain how my NOT procreating is a threat to YOUR marriage - and then please explain the concept of unwed mothers and childless couples.
It's not natural! (Worried exasperation)
It appears in nature all the time, birds, antelope, bison, the list goes on - and it's still not a threat.
.... (Silence)

Right, now run along and ruin someone else's life.

Here's the point.

Because of the illogical, emotional response of (dare I say it?) idiots, I am denied over 1100 rights and benefits of marriage that protect loved ones and surviving spouses.

Can ANYONE explain why?


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

The only one who can ruin the sanctity of my marriage are my husband or me. That argument never made sense to me.

Take religion out of the equation and there is no legal grounds to deny the benefits of marriage to any pair of consenting adults. Infuriating!

But I digress---best wishes for many more happy years together.


Just-Chuck said...

Thanks Chaos, you're the best !

3 weeks to registration!

BullDawg said...


sepatation of church and state is complete BS

as is taxation without representation for DC

as is drinking age of 21, while guys can be soldiers and kill, and vote for the President, but yet cant consume a beverage

so many things make no sense with the laws.

many more years for you...

Anonymous said...

Woohoo--I hope you get the classes you want!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!