Friday, June 15, 2007

College Expen$e$ so Far

Not counting living expenses - The total Fall 2007 College fees and tuitions (So far)is - $2,980.25
Total C.W. Scholarship Donations + $1,050.35 (Thank you!)
Total University Scholarship + $464.00
Left to pay by August 13th - $1,465.90

() Do all those loose pennies in the bottom of your purse make it harder to find your keys?

() Do you have too many coins in your car ashtray or cupholder?

() Is there an ugly, unwieldly change jar taking up space in your home?

() Are you plagued with a sweaty and uncomfortably heavy amount of pocket change at the end of your workday?

Let me take those awful, nasty, ugly, sweaty, sticky, dirty coins off your hands.

Or, if you're itching to spend some of that tax refund, LOOK NO FURTHER ! You can send a donation to anyone with an e-mail address. Click on the PayPal Icon over there on the right and send a pittance to

Where will it go?

$35.00 College Application Fee
$100.00 Tuition Deposit
$125.00 Advisement and Registration fee
$45.00 Campus Parking decal
$18.75 Used Book
$18.75 Used Book
$7.50 Used Book
$9.75 Used Book
$9.75 Used Book
$14.25 Used Book
$34.50 Used Book
$45.00 Used Book
$335 (5) New Books
$2,282.00 Fall Tuition (Minus $100 deposit above)
$??,???.00 Living expenses


IronHorse said...

May I suggest a cyber panhandling site that is a little more far reaching than the just Chuck blogspot. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you know that tongue trick you do.........I'm sure you could find a few customers

Stuart said...

living expenses.... isn't that what you've got a husband for?