Friday, June 01, 2007

10 Reasons Chuck Is Not Gay

In response to the Top 10 Reasons Skidmark's Gay, this scandalous comment and accompanying photo just came in from our reporters in the field.

For fair and ethical reporting, I present it as is without edits or rebuttal.

10 Reasons Chuck Is Not Gay

10) He does not wear pink.
9) He drinks domestic beer.
8) He likes boobies - on women.
7) He does not use hair products.
6) He does not shave anywhere.
5) He thinks that Babs is not a talented artist.
4) He listens to country music.
3) He eats at truck stops and not for the "hawt" truckers that frequent such places.
2) He doesn't own a flower shop.

and the #1 reason Chuck is not gay:

1) He spent most of his time in army bases while enlisted in the navy.

Now these ten items may not be enough to convince you, however, when the "gay" guy has groped more women on the MARC train than the collective group of heterosexual males, one has no choice other than to conclude that Chuck is NOT gay.


Coleen said...

See... I would say that the guy who is groping the most women on the MARC train is definitely gay. The straight guys can't get away with it without being tasered.

I'm doing fine - how is you??

Get to work on that knitting! I want to see finished objects!

Anonymous said...

I think Coleen said it right. Another reason is many of the married guys are "conditioned" not to grope anyone (mainly females) by their wives.

Knitting is not a indicator for being gay. Rosie Greer a football player who would knit (see: ), and taught us it was OK to cry (, is not as far as I know gay.

See, Chuck, I do read your blog from time to time!