Monday, August 20, 2007

And Awaaaaaay We GO!

10 Minutes before I leave for my first day of school. I'm only slightly nervous. I've made my lunch, packed my books, have my schedule--I'm ready to go.

Just thought I'd pop in here for a word or two.

HUGE life changes in the last 30 days.

There's a 'back-to-school' smell and chill in the air that means Fall is approaching. I don't like Fall that much, though it does offer me glimpses of my favorite color.

I broke down and bought a thermal lunch bag. I'd been eyeing the "Princess" lunch bag--pink with vertical stripes and a little princess crown near the handle. But in my mind's eye it was more black than pink. When I went back to buy it, even I thought it was too pink and guaranteed to get me beat up at recess.

That doesn't happen in college does it?

My lunch is peanut butter and strawberry jelly -- is that too cliche? -- and a couple granola bars.

My back-to-school garb is Hawaiian shirt, jeans and sandals -- is that too cliche?

Maybe I should pack a beer too.


Anonymous said...

Beer goes in the thermos that comes with said cute lunch box!

Anonymous said...

Dude! err... or should that be Dudette?! This is college we’re talking about here! A beer??? As in only one? Haul an entire keg into school and you’ll be the most popular guy -- or female -- on campus!! I’m only kidding! PB&J is an excellent choice if I may say so. You should try it with BBQ chips sandwiched in the middle just prior to eating. Now that’s good eats! HEY! Don't knock it until you try it! By the way, the train is dead now that you’re gone. It’s like sitting in the silent car on the way in now. You’ve gotta come back and visit us! ~M~

Stuart said...

Oooh, your classes start a week before mine. I had orientation yesterday, so now I'm oriental. school doesn't start until the 27th, but I've already got my reading assignments....