Friday, August 31, 2007

End of Week Two

It's the last day of week two of college and I've experienced the same as the first week.

Mondays hit me like a sack of books. I start to feeling extremely overwhelmed. Then I go home and work my butt off all day Tuesday.

Wednesday's hit a little softer and only me bruise me into feeling a 'bit' overwhelmed. I go home and work my butt off all day Thursday and start planning for the next week.

Friday's hit and I'm a little more confident that I'm going to make it through.

I have three Education classes, three English classes and one Art class. So it's a LOT of reading. (As you would imagine.)

Already I've read Gilgamesh, portions of the Old Testament, chapters of Homer's Odyssey, Catcher in the Rye, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and a wheelbarrow full of textbook chapters and supplemental articles...

So, I'll hit my classes today then head off with wonderful friends for a long weekend at the lake. Guess what I'm packing.

ALL MY BOOKS. But I don't resent it.

My friends are wonderful because while they're planning the weekend, they let me not think about it. "Please don't make me think." I said, "Just give me a list and I'll stop at the store along the way." They're going to let me drag my books to the lake and allow me to read, read, read.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to come up for air, rum and cards. (You know, essentials.) And, I'm going to be reading
on a boat,
on a porch,
in a house,
near a spouse...

It's important to me to maintain the workload, but it's also important to have fun.

How many of you 'live for the weekend' but then only do things you couldn't get done during the week? Laundry, cleaning, pay bills, mow the lawn.

It's important to do all those things, but be sure to carve some time out for YOU.


Anonymous said...

“It's important to do all those things, but be sure to carve some time out for YOU.”

Okay, I see the time you carve out for school; if I could rank it on a percentage basis -- based on your comments about all that reading -- I would say that is 80% of your time. Then I see the little bit of time you carved out for your friends at the lake over the holiday weekend, say that equals 5%, and I am going to presume you gave your hubby his time, which was hopefully no less than 15%. Soooooo... where is the time for YOU Darlin’?

To quote one of my favorite actors -- next to you, of course -- good ol’ Jack Nicholson said in The Shinning, “All work and no play makes [Just Chuck] a dull boy.” So to solve this, you need to hop on the MARC train and pay the rest of us slackers a visit!

LOL!! I'm only kidding!! You know I love you, right? :o}

Anonymous said...

Managerial Accounting is kicking my ass, man. At least I carve out some time for some fun reading about outhouse pimping, right?

Had a Puerto Rican friend who told me when he got out of the Navy he was going to either become a preacher or a pimp. While I was coming to the realization that he was serious, he added, "peemping ain't eeeasy".

Cracked me up--thought I'd make some t-shirts to commemorate my friend's deep thought. Pimping Ain't Easy.

Then I realized that if the idea took off, I'd have to compute profit, sales, market share variances as well as control limits and, and, and...

I need to carve more time out for fun! LOL

Glad to hear you're loving your classes--that's half the battle.